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Back in the 80's one of the North Wirral Velo's most loved characters was a young lad called Mike Walsh. He was affectionately nicknamed "Fignon" due to his blonde hair and gold rimmed glasses, sported by the Tour winner Laurent Fignon at the time.

Sadly, Mike was killed by a car whilst on his bike at age 19. The car hit him by driving on the wrong side of the road at him on a bend. Incredibly, driver only received points on his licence.

The 3rd October 2017 marks the 30th anniversary of when he was killed. His sister, Cath (a non cyclist) is challenging herself to ride 68 miles (as Mike was born in 1968) in his memory.

She has set up a charity page to raise money for Sustrans who are a charity set up to help walkers and cyclists have better infrastructure and a safer environment to move about in.

Please donate by clicking on the link and please share this post as much as you can, and let's all wish Cath the very best of luck on her ride.

Thank you.

Mike "Fignon" Walsh
Mike "Fignon" Walsh


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